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Fruit Drying Machine

Fruit Drying Machine Working Principle

Fruit drying machine increases the temperature inside the cabin to 60 °C and it evaporates the water which is in fruits, vegetables and other food products.


Fruit Drying Machine Usage Areas

Grape, fig, apricot, apple, lemon, plum and other fruit

Tomato, pepper, bay leaf, corn, tobacco and other dried vegetables

Meat, fish, bacon and other dried foods

Fruit Drying Machine Functions

Heating, drying and dehumidification

Fruit Drying Machine Benefits

1. Drying heat pumps do not create pollution in any way.

2. Dryer heat pumps are renewable energy systems. If desired, it can be operated with the solar battery and the operating cost is reduced to zero.

3. Dryer heat pumps do not use fossil fuel.

4. Dryer heat pumps save 40% to 80% more than fossil fuels.

5. Dryer heat pumps reduce the moisture content without releasing the hot air inside and there is no heat loss.

6. Dryer heat pumps do not give any other odor except for their own odor of dried foods. No oxidation, decomposition, explosion or change of taste.

7. Dryer heat pump hygienic drying is done.

8. Desiccant is controlled by desiccant heat pump automation system.

9. Dryer heat pumps do not create any danger such as explosion, burning, poisoning.

10. Dryer heat pump installation is simple and fast.

11. Dryer heat pumps make drying more healthier and quicker than other drying systems.

12. Low electricity consumption saves the user.

13. Low noise, stable operation and easy temperature control.

14. Reduces labor costs and provides comfortable working opportunities.

15. Continuous operation with long time operation.

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