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How to dry Figs in Ekotec Dehydrator machine

                                                         Fig Drying Process

Fig is a fruit of great medical value. EKOTEC energy-saving heat pump dryer is a very suitable machine for drying figs, it dries the fig better in fresh form at low and medium temperatures.

Dried figs do not change any of their nutritional value. The scent of the fig is preserved and the taste is better.

How to dry Fig

Ekotec food, fruit, and vegetable dryer heat pump have a convenient and flexible system.

Thanks to the PLC control system, you can control the drying temperature and the humidity of the product without changing the naturalness and nutritional value of different types of food.

Ekotec dryer heat pump allows you to dry several different products, due to the screen control with PLC, this system provides 10 recipes of product drying settings in one form without repeating the drying settings of all products such as Humidity rate, temperature value, heat rate, drying time ratio, External electrical heater.

Ekotec heat pump fig drying Instructions:

Drying time of fig dehydration is a little long, about 24 ~ 30 hours. It is recommended to use medium temperature for drying setting, this normal use is 60 ℃. If the temperature is too high, more sugar will appear. It is best recommended to cut into pieces to dry. If the fig is to be dried whole without disassembling, it is best recommended to use 80% of the ripe ones. Dried figs regain moisture when in direct contact with air, so a sealed package is required. If you use vacuum packaging, you can better preserve the color and aroma of the fig.



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