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What is the fruit and vegetable drying plant?

In this article, we will explain what is the industrial fruit and vegetable drying facility?

Fruits and vegetables have many purposes for drying. Apart from its benefits, the main reason for drying in the economic sense is due to the very short life span of fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rotten and decomposed by consuming and drying them to prolong the life of nutrients will also prevent waste. As the mobility of the dried fruit and vegetable market excites the entrepreneurs, establishing a drying facility has been a logical initiative. We will try to explain the steps necessary to create a professional facility.

1. Selection and Elimination

For the drying plant, a product selection, and Elimination must be installed in order to remove the decay dents, dents, stems, leaves or foreign substances of the fruits. Extraction can be performed around the installation line.

2. Washing

After the fruit or vegetables are extracted, they are taken to the wash tapes which is our second step. If there is no fruit or vegetables that do not require peeling, it can be taken directly into the drying process.

3. Peeling

After the washing process of the fruits to be dried, the fruit peeler is the next process, to do that peel the fruits need to peel, and then slice the fruits those need to be sliced. Fruit or vegetables which do not require slicing can be taken directly to the drying section.

Ekotec produced fruit peeling machine after long-term of R & D studies. Ekotec fruit peeling machines are designed to peel apples and persimmon for peeling. Down below we shared with you the video of fruit peeling machine.


4. Slicing

The last step before drying is the area where slicing is performed. Then the products are taken to the drying section.

5. Drying

In the previous steps, the drying process of the original fruits and vegetables is made by making preparations before drying.  In order to achieve the drying process with Ekotec heat pump dryers, it is necessary to have a drying cabinet and the place to be dried as a priority, except for the drier heat pump. The drying process is performed in a very strong insulated cabinet. As a result of the R & D work carried out by our company, the most efficient result is the drying process in the cabinets consisting of sandwich panels of drying cabinets. The drying cabinet is supplied as a single unit and double unit. The drying cabinet is supplied as a single unit and double unit. In order dry food evenly after installation of the drying cabinet, the fan must be installed following the instructions given by Ekotec.


DescriptionProduct CapacityKurutma Kabini Boyutu
Single Unit ETHK-20M Heat Pump Dryer and Drying Cabin1500 kg / Batch6000*2800*2200 mm
Double Unit ETHK-20M Heat Pump Dryer and Drying Cabin3000 kg  / Batch12000*2800*2200 mm


Our installation video for drying cabinet and fan installation is as follows.

When placing fruits and vegetables in the cabinet, hygienic polyethylene crates according to food regulations should be preferred. The use of crates which does not come into contact with food may have bad results. It is also important for airflow to be punched on the four sides of the preferred crates.

As a result, the drying plant installation takes place at these stages. The contents of the fruit drying facilities established with Ekotec fruit and vegetable drying heat pumps are generated according to the customer’s request and demand. Our domestic production products support your desiccant heat pump and fruit peeling machine demands.




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