What is Moisture and Why Does it Occur?

Moisture is the water vapor in the air, and moisture is the result of the mildew mushrooming in the places where moisture is present. Under normal conditions it should be below 55% of humidity. Generally, ground floors, basement floors, non-sun rooms and so on. Are the problems seen in the fields. Damp areas create a heavy smell and damage the building, the property and the health. With dehumidifiers you can easily get rid of excess moisture.


Ekotec dehumidifiers are the devices that reduce the moisture content in the environment to the minimum in places where the food production and sectors are built in the houses and in the construction. The cost of using environmentally friendly refrigerant gas is very convenient. Device sizes are selected according to capacities. If desired, it is suitable for continuous use. The device deactivation system is very simple. Failure is a minimum of risk. Such appliances provide the highest capacity to receive moisture at high ambient temperatures (20 ° C-30 ° C).

In extremely cold regions, it is necessary to heat the mmutlaka in order to obtain a moisture efficiently. These systems are available in 1 compressor gas, condenser and fans, as in heat pumps and air conditioners. In the same way, heat pumps can be supplied with moisture. This system resembles an air-to-air heat pump.

30 ° C / 80% RH 26 Liters

20 ° C / 80% RH 13 liters

20 C / 60% RH 10 Liter

10C / 60% RH 5.5 liters

The above moisture content is valid for about 24 hours.

Dehumidifier Usage Areas

New Buildings
Places where water damage occurred
Offices and offices
Standard humidity ratio required depot
farming areas
Food industry
Carpet Drying
These devices are portable, reliable, robust and mobile everywhere. Inside, the fans and compressor are highly efficient and operate quietly. All devices have defrost protection feature. If desired, a bucket is placed in the bowl and the bucket is removed and the water is thrown out with the connection hose.

Calculation of Dehumidifier Capacity

The dehumidifying devices vary depending on the size of the area to be used and the humidity. While high-capacity devices are used in the pools, smaller devices are sufficient for housing. You can ask us for information regarding the capacity account.

Technicial Specifications

– Capacity max. 40 l / 24 h

– Operating Range: 5 ° C to 32 ° C

– Air Flow: 580 m³ / h

– Power Input: 0.7 kW

– Voltage: 230 V ~ 50 Hz

– Current: 3.0 A

– Refrigerant Gas: R407C

– Weight: 29 kg


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