ETT-10M Ground Source Heat Pump


Ekotec water and ground source heat pump uses free renewable energy from the ground. Water and Ground Source heat pumps are highly efficient with low operating costs, low carbon emissions. Our appliances provide heating, cooling and usage hot water for residential and small business applications. The energy cost required for heating using water and soil heat pumps is 80% less than other fossil fuels.

Our heat pumps produced with advanced technology. Water and Ground Source Heat Pumps give economy and high efficiency. Water and Ground source heat pumps offer heating, cooling and hot water solutions all year round.

Heat pumps are manufactured with low noise design. Cooling or heating can be performed with a single system. It costs 50% less on investment equipment. Water and ground source heat pumps are environmentally friendly systems and do not harm the environment. In heating mode, it prevents smoke pollution by heat pump. If it is in cooling mode, you can prevent it by noise heat pump coming out of the cooling tower. 1 KW electric power and 5 KW heat power are obtained in winter and summer heat pumps. In the summer months it gets 6 KW cooling power with 1 KW electric power. Water and soil heat pumps are 3-4 times more efficient than electric heaters.
You can save space with a water and earth-based heat pump without having to go to the boiler and related equipment. Water and soil heat pumps can be used in residential, office, hotel, bank, school, stadium, commercial building and so on. Hospitals and hotels are suitable places for this devices.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions (W / H / D) :              600/1000/1000
Weight :
Max. Operating Temperature :    60°C
Heat Source :                                   Ground (Monoblock)
Usage Areas :                                  Heating, Cooling, Hot Water
Origin :                                             Turkey

Working Efficiency B0 /35
Heating Efficiency :                        11,01 kW
Energy Consumption :                   2,41 kW
Performance Coefficient (COP) : 4,57 kW

Working Efficiency B0 /50
Heating Efficiency :                        10,33 kW
Energy Consumption :                   3,04 kW
Performance Coefficient (COP) : 3,40 kW