ETSH-07M Water to Air Heat Pump Monobloc


ETSH-07M Water to Air Heat Pump Monobloc

The ETSH series are complete systems with high efficiency, low noise, easy installation and maintenance amongst water-to-air heat pump models. Water-to-air heat pumps provide high static pressure to support air supply  over the air duct. In some water-to-air heat pump models, we support air supply arrangements with on-site installation.
Water-to-air heat pumps are suitable for commercial use such as shopping malls, factories, schools, greenhouses, poultry farms, hospitals, hotels and office buildings. Independently in each unit, the user can select the cooling or heating mode as they wants. The water-to-air heat pump provides more flexibility and energy savings compared to conventional central air conditioning systems.

COP values up to 5 with using optimized configuration with world-class compressor and high efficiency coaxial twin-tube heat exchanger. Water to air heat pumps are highly efficient with low operating costs, low carbon emissions. The ETSH series are produced using water-to-air heat pump multiple protection mechanisms.

It has low voltage, high voltage and overload protection. In addition, fault reports such as high pressure and low pressure report and send to memory. Thus, the device is protected.

Technical Specifications

Air to Water Heat Pump Monobloc

Heating efficiency,water input’s tempeture: 20° C = 7 KW COP 4,83

Cooling efficiency,water input’s tempeture: 30° C = 5,8 KW EER 3,87

Working Voltage: 230 V

Number of Compressor: 1

Emerson Expansion Valve

Production Area: Closed area

Air Flow: 1000 m3/h

Water Flow: 1,16 m3/h

Vodifiable Valve that is 4 way

Tube input(1’’)

Dimensions(mm) : 554(H) x 1134 (W) x 590 (S)

Net Weight: 125(kilos)

Origin: Turkey

When it count to the cooling capacity, air input tempreture is regarded as 27°C KT, 19°C Y
When it count to the thermal capacity, air input tempreture is regarded as 20°C KT, 15°C YT

  • Environmentally friendly, highly efficient R410A gas
  • Cooling Efficiency (EER) averaged 3.87
  • Average Heating Efficiency (COP) is 4.83
  • Three-stage fan speed control
  • Internal rubber insulation
  • Outer body made of galvanized steel
  • Galvanized hair drain pan
  • Control module on the device
  • Low and high pressure protection