ETHK-20 Fruit – Vegetable Heat Pump Dryer (PLC Control)



Dryer Heat Pump’s Using Areas:

Grape, Fig, Apricot, Apple, Lemon, Plum and other fruits

Tomato, Paprika, Laurel Leaves, Corn, Tobacco Leaves and other dried vegetable

Meat, Fish, Pastrami and other dried foods

Function of Dryer Heat Pump:

Heating, Drying and Humidty

Reducing Princible of Dryer Heat Pump’s Working System:

Firstly, Dryer Heat Pump increases ambient temperature of inside of cabinet at 60 Celcius degree. And then the water inside of fruits, vegetables or any other foods starts evaporating. Evaporated water is carried to drier heat pump by fans. And it turns to liquid phase over there, later this water is thrown out . By this way, drying p drying process is carried out.

The Benefits of Dryer Heat Pump:

  1. Dryer Heat Pump is a renewable energy system. You can use solar battery to system and you can reduce operating cost to zero.
  2. Comparing fossils fuels, you can save up to %40 to %80.
  3. Without taking hot air outside, you can reduce humidty and there will be no heat lose.
  4. Dried food will not give different odour , except its own natural odour. There will be no any oxidation , decomposition, explosion or taste changing.
  5. There is a hijgenic drying.
  6. By automation system, you can make controlled drying.
  7. There is no risky such as explosion, fire or poisoning.
  8. Easy and fast assembly.
  9. Comparing other kind of drying system, our system is more healthful and more faste.


Technical Data:

  • Heating Capacity: 20 KW
  • Cooling Capacity: 16,9 KW
  • Power Supply: 380/3/50
  • Power Input: 5,30 KW
  • Max Amper: 8,3 A
  • Humidity Reduction Capacity: 20-40 L/H
  • Max Hot Air Temperature: 65 °C
  • Ambient Temperature: -10~45 °C
  • Cooling Gas: Mixed Gas-3
  • Compressor Type: Scroll
  • Compressor Brand: Daikin-Sanyo
  • Compressor Piece: 1
  • Air Flow Rate: 3800 m³/h
  • Noise: 68 dB (A)
  • Dimensions (Net) : 1000 x 1140 x 2180 mm
  • Menşei: Turkey


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