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Is dried fruits and vegetables healthy

Are dried fruits and vegetables healthy?

Since the dried fruits have a significant loss of water, the sugar ratio is more pronounced, it has a more intense taste and calories. If fruits and vegetables are dried properly they will have many more vitamins and minerals. Dried fruits have more fruit sugar than fresh fruits. In many dried fruits, the sugar ratio is increased by 50%, this increase also affects the carbohydrates in the product.
Dried fruits normally consumed may be beneficial for the intestines because of the high fiber rate, but when consumed too much, it can cause complaints such as bloating and laxatives in the abdomen. As the fat content of dried fruits increases slightly, it is more preferred than chocolate as a snack.
The low water content of dried fruits is not a big problem, this can be compensated by drinking one glass of water a day.
Dried fruits are known to not contribute much to the diet but are beneficial for health.
When buying dried fruit, it is the dried fruit made without using a small amount of sulfur or any sulfur. Sulfur is used in many industrial dryers.
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