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Heat Pumps Cost

Heat pump cost consists of 2 factors.

Heat Pump Setup Cost: Setup cost is higher than other fossil fueled systems.

Cost of Operation: Environmentally friendly heat pumps provide high savings in operating cost if they were set up according to the climatic conditions suitable for the environment where it is used.

The first thing that comes to mind about  heat pumps that are  the environmental friendliness. The largest source of energy is nature and requires a low electrical energy power. Altough high cost the heat pumps, they are profitable systems for extended use. When calculating the cost of the heat pump, we can see the  heat pump unit price, equipment, setup  cost and heat source cost.Here the biggest cost is the type of heat source. The investment costs are very high in soil and water source heat pumps because their  energy source is soil or drilling wells. In air-source heat pumps, the energy source is air. There is no investment for the source.

In these systems, it is important to choose the most appropriate device according to the climate. Heat pump systems which are the lower the degree difference between the energy source and the heat output  work efficiently. It is not advisable to use an air source heat pump in very cold climates. The devices to be used there should be soil source heat pumps or water source heat pumps.

It must be calculated separately for each house, which type of heat pump will be more economical in the extended use. Air-borne heat pump is cheaper than water-borne heat pump.The air source heat pumps are easier to  set up than the  water source heat pumps.The air source heat pump maintenance costs are cheaper than the water source heat pump maintenance. Electricity consumption can be variable depending on the weather conditions of the air source heat pump. But this is fixed by the water source heat pump and the ground source heat pump. Water and soil source heat pumps have a longer life than air-based heat pumps. Heat pumps are very low maintenance costs compared to other devices. When they are working, they don’t need human power. The whole system can be adjusted automatically. An advantage of these systems is cooling.

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