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EKOTEC Heat Pump Drying of Food, Fruits and Vegetables Principles and Potentials

EKOTEC Heat Pump Drying of Food, Fruits, and Vegetables

Food consumers want to consume a healthy nutrient and organic fruit and vegetable products mineral at the same time a natural way. However, most fruits and vegetables have a water content of more than 80%, which limits the shelf life of the product, making it more susceptible to storage and handling problems.

During peak seasons, a large number of fruits and vegetables are often lost and only a few cold stores of fruits and vegetables are applied. Although drying is an energy-intensive process, it is extremely indispensable.

To achieve this, EKOTEC manufactures desiccant heat pop-up machines using the latest energy technology available today. Drying is required to extend the shelf life of foods without the need for Ekotec refrigerant storage; Reduce weight and mass volumes to save transport and storage costs; converting perishable products (excess) into fixed forms (eg, milk powder); vegetables for soups, onions for cooked meats, fruits for cakes, binders, flavorings, food coloring agents, gel-forming and emulsifying proteins, and the like. produce additives and additives such as industrial transformation (intermediate food products). and to obtain specially prepared foods (potato flakes, ready drinks, cereals, dried fruits for snacks, etc.)

Having good sensory qualities and fast preparation properties for private use, such as in vending machines or direct consumers. Furthermore, the loss of product moisture content during drying results in an increased concentration in the amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates present in larger amounts per unit weight in the remaining mass-building proteins, fats, and carbohydrates than in fresh food.

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