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Ekotec has been working in the renewable energy sector since 1999. Ekotec which provides housing heating and cooling services in Austria moves the renewable energy education from  Europe to Turkey and it has set out to become an important player with European experience in the heating and cooling sector in the region.

Ekotec Energy Import Export Marketing Industry and Trade limited company were established In August 2009, in Sakarya.Ekotec Energy always aims to produce and sell its own brand by taking own patent of its own brand as of the year it was founded.Ekotec branded freight production which is like air source heat pump, water source heat pump, ground source heat pump, water to the air heat pump for the air conditioning sector from abroad. With 18 years of sector experience, we bring comfort to the places we offer by offering quality heat pumps to our customers. We are supplying and exporting many of our products to countries like Austria, Germany, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Croatia, Peru, Guatemala, Spain, Saudi Arabia Iraq.

These customers Fortunately has realized the importance of having  the need to use the EKOTEC HEAT PUMP DRYER to dry many different types of food, fruits and vegetables such as: Persimmon, wet Grapes, Olive, Mango, Cardamom, Orange,Kiwi, Pineapple, Apple, Peach, Dates, Plum, Tomato, Potato, Eggplants, Meat, Mushrooms,Rose and Rosebuds Drying and etc. with keeping the nature of the product and the desire for healthy food without losing the original quality of the product such the color and the shape of the product.

It is at this juncture, EKOTEC ENERGY  felt a need of venturing into providing quality production fo better naturals & our approach has been— “GLOBAL REACH –RENEWABLE ENERGY and Provide Best natural Dried Products”.Down Below are some applications done with our machine:


it is always our principle to make up for the shortcomings of external dependence of climate in our country. And Ekotec noticed the lack of fruit and vegetable drying machines on the market so Fruit and vegetable dryer heat pump has been produced after one and a half years of R & D Works. Contrary to the market, they are not only using renewable energy and purely electrical devices but also they are reducing the cost of electricity.

Our more professional devices have made the user easier to use by using PLC screen.

Ekotec proved its quality by taking the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate. Also, it brings something new in Turkey with taking  Certificate of Registration.

Our Quality Policy

  • Continuous Customer Satisfaction
  • To offer High Quality that is smashing prices
  • To create a marketing organization to enhance quality in domestic and foreign trade
  • To follow Technological Innovations
  • Expanding the Sales and Customer Portfolio
  • Efficient use of our product
  • Motivate the employee’s tor ender quality service
  • To Standardize Manufacturing
  • To train personnel that can apply the quality assurance system
  • To provide high quality with continuity
  • Check out with Terms of Quality Management System and continuous quality improvement


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