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Eggplant Drying – How to Dry Eggplant ?

Patlıcan Nasıl Kurutulur? - Patlıcan Kurutma

The dried eggplant is the product obtained after drying the fresh eggplant. Eggplant has a ratio of approximately 92% water. In eggplant drying process by Ekotec desiccant heat pumps, this ratio is reduced up to about 10% and the water is evaporated and evacuated by the evaporator.

We need to determine whether the eggplants that we will dry are suitable for drying first. Eggplant suitable for drying in the most abundant season, the harvest has reached maturity and those who have the natural color should be selected according to the criteria. Generally, eggplants are cut into a ring shape and made suitable for drying. However, there are companies that dry out cube or powder. The drying time is inversely proportional to the surface area of ​​the particles and inversely proportional to their thickness. In other words, in contrast to thick or whole drying, it will be more accurate to dry the eggplants in the shape of a ring between 2-3 cm. After the products are cut, polyethylene food is placed in the boxes suitable for drying. Then all the crates are placed neatly in the drying cabinet. Ekotec fruit and vegetable drying cabinets are available in two varieties and will vary in capacity according to the amount you will dry. You can dry them at once according to the capacities listed below.

DefinitionProduct CapacityDrying Area Dimension
1Single Unit ETHK-20 Heat Pump Dryer and Drying Cabins1500 kg / party6000 * 2800 * 2200 mm
2Double Unit ETHK-20 Heat Pump Dryer and Drying Cabins3000 kg / party12000 * 2800 * 2200 mm

Drying starts at low temperature. As it is known, it will be dried more slowly and then a more efficient product will be obtained. Product dimensions, the chemical composition of the product, temperature, air velocity, atmospheric pressure, etc. The drying time can vary from about 4 to 8 hours. At the end of the drying process, the dried eggplant should be cooled.

In our country, the dried eggplants are exported to European and African countries. Vegetable Dryer is the market with heat pumps and profitable ventures can be a new business idea.

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