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Drying Plant Cost

Drying Plant Cost

Nowadays, many systems are required for drying fruits and vegetables, and with these systems, many machines are needed for the drying facility.
First of all, we can start with the drying systems. The sun-drying system is currently the most suitable drying system and with the lowest cost. However, sometimes harmful substances such as alpha-toxin, insect, dust, and soil are formed in the products dried with the sun drying system. This is an unhygienic form of drying. Sometimes, some products dried in the sun are washed and re-processed in a drying oven.
Other drying systems we can count many drying systems such as the Ekotec Heat Pump drying system, natural gas drying system, solid fuel drying system, electric drying system, geothermal drying system, freeze-drying, vacuum drying. If we talk a little bit about these devices here;

Drying Types

  • Ekotec Heat Pump Drying system: Features such as optimum operating cost, convenient installation cost, hygienic drying, high energy saving, portable easy to install and disassemble, automation temperature and humidity control, closed-circuit dehumidification feature…
  • Natural gas drying system: natural gas installation requirement in the facility, high installation cost, and high operating cost, open circuit dehumidification system, hygienic drying.
  • Solid fuel drying system: Suitable installation cost, open circuit dehumidification system, fuel, and fuel residue storage area, a system that requires more manpower and higher operating costs than other drying systems.
  • Electric drying system: Convenient installation cost, hygienic drying, very high operating cost, open circuit dehumidification system, high power electrical installation.
  • Geothermal drying system: Very high installation cost, hygienic drying, open circuit dehumidification system, high operating cost.
  • Freeze drying: High installation cost, high operating cost, not every product can be dried like other systems, hygienic drying, closed-circuit drying.
  • Vacuum drying: There are features such as very high installation cost, very high operating cost, hygienic drying, closed-circuit drying.

As we explained above, in the world right now and Turkey to drying with heat pump systems began to be popular it seems to be most advantageous. Compared to all other systems, it is included in the scope of renewable energy systems and it is included in the scope of incentives in some regions in terms of protecting nature and working in a waste-free manner. In public tenders, heat pump drying systems are now preferred.

DescriptionProduct CapacityDryer chamber dimensions
ETHK-20M Single Unit heat pump dryer and dryer chamber1500 kg / batch6000*2800*2200 mm
ETHK-20M Double Unit heat pump dryer and dryer chamber3000 kg  / batch12000*2800*2200 mm
Our drying cabinet and fan placement installation video is given below.


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