Corporate Solutions

Apart from the houses, corporate spaces are the places that need the most air conditioning systems. It is one of the important issues for businesses to complete their needs in the most appropriate and most economical way. Because of the heating and cooling costs of a substantial portion of the bills, corporate spaces  were encouraged to use renewable energy technologies. Because of this reason heat pumps are used more day by day in our country.

Heat Pump Usage Areas

Shopping malls






Sports Facilities

Swimming Pools

Chicken Farms

The Advantages of Heat Pumps

The heat pumps have a lot of positive points in terms of operation compared to fossil fuels.

If we compare the advantages over other fuels:
-high efficiency
-low energy consumption
-low initial investment cost
-maximum usable area
-low maintenance cost
-long service life
-easy adaptation to architectural changes
-independent control are just some of the advantages of over 50 years technology which is tested.