Ekotec has been working in the renewable energy sector since 1999. Ekotec which provides housing heating and cooling services in Austria, move the  renewable energy education from  Europe to Turkey and it has set out to become an important player with European experience in the heating and cooling sector in our country. Ekotec Energy Import Export Marketing Industry and Trade limited company was  established In August 2009, in Sakarya.

Ekotec Energy always aims to produce and sell its own brand by taking own patent of its own brand as of the year it was founded. Ekotec branded freight production which are like air source heat pump, water source heat pump, ground source heat pump, water to air heat pump for the air conditioning sector from abroad. With 18 years of sector experience, we bring comfort to the places we offer by offering quality heat pumps to our customers.

Ekotec, relying on experience and knowledge in the sector, completed R & D work and produced the first domestic production of heat pumps in the first half of 2014 in Turkey. Completed domestic production monobloc water-to-air heat pumps are used in shopping malls, poultry farms, factories, greenhouses, schools, hospitals, the need for heating and cooling of large space places. The only water-to-air heat pump in the heat pumps is the most efficient device for blowing the temperature of the gas directly to the center of the place.

Water and earth-based heat pumps were produced for residences and workplaces in the second half of 2014.The water and soil heat pumps provide heating, cooling and hot water so the most suitable places to use are residentials and work places. Cause water and ground-borne heat pumps are used in areas with severe climatic conditions, using water and earth-based heat pumps in areas with temperate climate provides additional costs so air source heat pump will be the right choice for temperate zones. Air-source heat pumps have entered Ekotec’s domestic production range after completing ar-ge studies to increase the use of renewable energy. Ekotec Energy  that is always renewing and developing itself has continuously added new products to its product range and has always renewed its products and made them more functional. Ekotec Energy solves the problem of climate of places such as houses, workplaces, shopping centers, factories, greenhouses, schools, hospitals, poultry farms ecs with the difference of domestic production. it is always our principle to make up for the shortcomings of external dependence of  climate in our country. And Ekotec noticed the lack of fruit and vegetable drying machines on the market so Fruit and vegetable dryer heat pump has been produced after one  and a half years of R & D Works. Contrary to the market,they are not only using renewable energy and purely electrical devices but also they are reducing the cost of electricity. Our more professional devices have made the user easier to use by using PLC screen.

Ekotec proved its quality by taking the ISO 9001: 2008 certificate. Also it brings something new in Turkey with taking  Certificate of Registration.